David Stolzfus is the driving force behind this project. Working with the pharmacies and the over 5,000 doctors who have written compound medicines to patients in lieu of pills, he has poured his heart into helping people.

Why? Because we all know and have had people who have died for no reason at all. They have some pain and within years become addicted, leaving behind broken families and relationships, financial hardships and heart that are wounded.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  There are alternatives, and those alternatives have been used in many other countries. In fact they used to be used here in the United States.

So how come the problem is so alarming? Over the last four year, bent on making profit, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, namely Express Scripts and CVS Caremark, have sought to put compound pharmacies out of business, thereby eliminating all competition to Pill makers.   https://aishealth.com/archive/nhpw033015-02

The prices of medications are created and dictated by PBM’s, not pharmacies. We are trying to change that. We offered to sell medication that PBM’s billed over $15,000 to payors…for only $500. We did it to make a point that people are dying because of greed, a solution is available and is cheap enough to use.

We are a full service, state of the art, Compounding Pharmacy with over 60 years of clinical experience specializing in providing effective compounds for patients and prescribers. FPS would like to thank you for choosing our pharmacy to meet your patient’s unique therapeutic needs. Our mission at FPS is to be customer oriented and provide the highest quality of safe compounded treatment options along with dedicated patient service and practice support. The FPS pharmacy staff has attended formalized training from PCCA-Professional Compounding Centers of America and our pharmacy technicians and pharmacists are trained in the art of compounding.

What makes our operations different is the culture that comes from the top down, especially in customer service. We will do whatever it takes to put our products in your patient’s hands. If they lack insurance coverage, we will send them something until we figure out a payment plan.

We have licenses in most states and only use FDA approved chemicals that are quality assured through analysis and certification for identification, purity and potency.

We specialize in non-narcotic pain creams, wound management, scar management, neurology management, nausea management, dermatology, bio-identical hormones and much more.

Our pharmacy is a valued member of IACP-International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists as well as PCCA and other various organizations. Our memberships to these organizations allow us access to extensive research and development in all areas of pharmaceutical compounding.

We continuously strive to be a leader in providing advancements to our patients and the industry.

We need your help to make a change. Write your elected official. Talk to your community. Call us with any questions you may have.